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General Swim session

General Swim session

General swim session 2021. This session can only be booked in advance. Please have a copy of the confirmation email on your phone or a printout to hand.

Upon arrival please follow signs to queue. We will be operating with part of the pool cordened off for swimming lessons and a lane in for anyone wishing to swim lengths. We would like to ask that you are as respectful of others as possible. We have changing cubicles, showers and toilets on poolside but would continue to advise you to arrive swim ready and where possible not need to use the facilities. Our indoor changing room will not be open during these sessions

The session will finish at 19.10 Mon-Sat and 17.40 on Sundays. You Must have left the facility completly 5 minutes after this time.

Please note that all tickets are non refundable and non tranferable. Every person wanting to enter the facility needs to have a ticket-there is no discount available for spectators.

Visitors aged under 11 years old fall under our Safe Swim Policy which can be found here. Please check this carefully as we dont want to have dissapointed customers not able to swim should they not be on the correct ratios.

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Monday 20 Sep 202117:30 (Pre-Booking Closes at Midnight)
Tuesday 21 Sep 202117:30
Wednesday 22 Sep 202117:30
Thursday 23 Sep 202117:30
Friday 24 Sep 202117:30
Saturday 25 Sep 202117:30
Sunday 26 Sep 202116:00
Monday 27 Sep 202117:30
Tuesday 28 Sep 202117:30 (Not Open for Sale)
Wednesday 29 Sep 202117:30 (Not Open for Sale)
Thursday 30 Sep 202117:30 (Not Open for Sale)
Friday 1 Oct 202117:30 (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 2 Oct 202117:30 (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 3 Oct 202116:00 (Not Open for Sale)