Bootcamp as the name suggests originated as a military-style workout. However, these days, bootcamps aren’t necessarily hardcore or intimidating as they once were perceived to be.

The Bootcamp will be held outside on the park grounds, even when the weather turns bad. You will have plenty of space allowing for social distancing. Bootcamps uses interval training as it is one of the best ways to get fit, burn calories. So expect to be running or sprinting (to your own ability) and doing exercises like shadow boxing, jumping and plyometrics with rest periods. Other exercises to expect are largely bodyweight like squats, lunges, press ups, planks and sit ups. The Instructor will always be on hand to advise alternatives encouraging you to work at your own level.

Please remember to come ready to train, with a full water bottle and where possible not needing to use our facilities.

Please queue up to the left of reception along the fence. A member of staff will check you in to the session.

You are required to keep the social distance set by the government at all times within the facility.

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Wednesday 8 Dec 202118:30