Low Impact HIIT

Low Impact HIIT

Low Impact HITT is an effective option for challenging the whole body without all the stress.

Ideal for everyone, especially for those with joint discomfort. Its a great way to gently tone the body and burn the calories.

Please remember to come ready to train and where possible not needing to the use of our facilities.

Please queue up to the left of reception along the fence. A member of staff will check you in to the session.

You are required to keep the social distance set by the government at all times within the facility.

You wont be allowed in before the start of the session and must have left the facility at the end of the session. The session is 45 minutes long and the instructor will finish roughly 5 minutes before the end. If you require longer to leave the facilities then this please allow yourself the time you need so the facilities are empty for cleaning.

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