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Cold Water General Swim. 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Cold Water General Swim. 1 Hour 45 Minutes

On the 3rd and 4th October Jubilee Park swimming pools will be opening unheated for the first time this century. The pool temperture will be above 15 degrees. The general swimming sessions are for all ages although we dont expect small children to enjoy the cold water for long periods- please consider this when booking- Our usual safe swim policy applies. We will have 3 double lanes in (fast, slow and an area for playing). The paddling pool will be open unheated.

As some of you may not be used to cold water swimming please read the following information.

The water will be roughly the same temperature as the sea during the summer months. If your not used to swimming in cooler water then we advise you to enter the water slowly and allow your body to acclimatise to the temperature before starting to swim.

You are welcome to wear wetsuits and if you want some added warmth wear a swim hat or even two. Please remember that wetsuits can cause chaufing so please wear an appropriate wetsuit lubricant. Wetsuits are not complusary and most people will be swimming in their normal swim wear.

If you are struggling to warm up after your swim please don't rush into a hot shower. Alow your body to warm up slowly with plenty of layers of clothing and sip a hot drink.

Please queue outside the building, along the fence to the left of reception, at your allotted time.

Swimmers should come ready and where possible not need to use the toilet or changing facilities. These are availble on poolside or we have a disabled changing room internally. Can we politely ask that should anyone require the disabled facilities they let us know in advance so that we can carry out a clean before your arrival.

You will have 1 hour and 45 minutes(1 hour and 40 minutes swim time) and must have left the facility by the end of the session to allow us chance to clean before the next session. All swimmers are reminded to keep 2 meters away from other swimmers or staff.

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